Monday, November 19, 2012

The Price is Right: the cost of starships

Torch ship by David

Creeping, crawling, toddling, walking - or is it sprinting - technology. In the late 1950's and 1960's it would have cost about 100 billion dollars to build a manned starship. In the 1970's, I estimate a larger, much better equipped, faster and more comfortable manned starship would have cost 100 billion american dollars - and this is in spite of inflation. I estimate that the cost of a ship will remain at 100 billion  through the 1980's and even through the 1990's, with continued inflation the cost will remain at about 100 billion dollars for the first manned (of reasonable size) starship.

The technology available to the people of Earth isn't creeping ahead, it is Sprinting! The predicted catastrophic famine, megadeaths, resource and energy exhaustion for the 1970's was an ill-tempered fantasy. What really happened was an increase in life expectancy of about 1.2 years/per year in the 3rd and 4th worlds, coupled with dramatic decreases in disease, and upward surges in standards of living ranging from 500% to better than 2000% for some.

Technology in the so-called western and eastern worlds is growing explosively and includes; better transportation. power, communications, computers, robots, even cheaper food and clothes; and dear-to-my-heart space technology.

Almost unnoticed
Almost unnoticed , all the infrastructure needed to support interstellar expeditions is being built and emplaced. Manifestly unnoticed is the building here on Earth of every sub-system needed for a starship. In the very near future the components will be put together, manned, launched, and mankind will move out to fulfill his truly manifest destiny.

NOT science fiction by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann


  1. ...interstellar travel constant acceleration (Trappist-1: 1g)... passengers climb in space-elevator to the "Aquarius-1" (starship with 1000*100*100 mts sizes, and the distribution of a building of housing flats)...awaits them in asteroid Toutatis which long ago placed in geostationary orbit... Day 1: zero-speed...distance = 40 light travel time = 4548.8 days (12.46 years)... Releasing moorings from Orbital-Station... THE SHIP TAKEOFF►... 354 days to 1g (9.8 mts/sec²) of CONSTANT ACCELERATION (weightlessness solved the problem), the ship with their various powerful Antimatter rocket engines working tirelessly alternating: while one works, other stops for properly maintaining...antigravity fields generator run forwards working, and no collision with anything...the ship reaches light-speed enter into "superluminal dimension"...and continues traveling at superluminal-speed > 1c... Day 2274.4 (6.23 years): Halfway...20 light years...max hyperluminal-speed = 6.42c... "ladies and gentlemen please belts, for a few minutes while the motors are OFF ship will be in weightlessness during maneuver"...the ship rotates 180º around its axis (perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of main impulse)... ON engines again and... ◄STARTS TO BRAKE... Day 4195: the ship slows light-speed and...appears...descends again to the "subluminal dimension"... 354 days more decelerating and the ship is at zero-speed, at destination passengers disembark: an engineered Terraformed planet from the red dwarf Trappist-1 cool star.

  2. (2)...interstellar travel (thousands G of constant acceleration)... The Electromagnetic and Gravitational Forces have some obvious similarities (fulfill the Law of Inverse of the Square) as both are "inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separate"...distance between the poles of two magnets the Electromagnetic...and distance between the centers of two masses the Gravitational... Just as now can using the Electromagnetic Force for obtain different voltages, currents and electrical powers...electrical transformers...perhaps someday when that mysterious Gravitational Force reveal its secrets, can also using it and amplify its emission (converting the mass exponentially in Gravitons) somehow for obtain different intensities and gravitational powers...gravitational transformers... Spacecrafts with indestructible structures and the distribution of a building of housing flats (where are the foundations would the nozzles)... Antigravitational fields directed forward would go shoving and accelerating the space´s dust until reaching (the dust) almost ship-speed the dust´s cloud matter-feeder ("fuel") always placed at ship´s front (1st half travel accelerating)...and placed ship´s astern when ship rotates 180º (2nd half travel decelerating), leading dust with Gravitational peripheral fields; already the dust with slow differential-speed between dust and ship (each dust´s particle already does not is a bullet)...((before Halfway and Finish travel, the ship overtakes and consumes totally the dust´s cloud...for there are not dangerous speedy free lethal dust´s particles at Space...)); towards the ship converters matter/antimatter, where at half of matter would transform in antimatter to feed the insatiable demand for the voracious annihilation rocket engines ejecting the appreciable mass of the Pions, produced in large quantities, through the nozzles to the speed of light...a rocket´s thrust = ejection by nozzle (mass*speed) in each second...and maintaining indefinitely to the ship at thousands G of constant acceleration... Powerful gravitational fields inside the living areas would counteract the HUGE CONSTANT ACCELERATION of the ship, keeping them to 1 G...

  3. ...interstellar travel constant acceleration (times to reach light-speed)... 1g (9.8 mts/sec²)=354 days ...↓... 0.5g (4.9 mts/sec²)=1.94 years ...↓... 0.25g (2.45 mts/sec²)=3.88 years ...↓... 0.1g (98 cms/sec²)=9.7 years ...↓... 0.01g (9.8 cms/sec²)=97 years ...↓... 0.001g (9.8 mms/sec²)=970 years ______ Huge constant acceleration the ship, living areas to 1g: Inside the living areas..."the same as going submerged in water"...↓↓↓↓g (motors)...less...↑↑↑g (gravitational transformers)=↓g... ...↨... 2g (19.6 mts/sec²)=177 days ...↨... 10g (98 mts/sec²)=35.4 days ...↨... 100g (980 mts/sec²)=3.54 days ...↨... 1000g (9.8 kms/sec²)=8.5 hours ...↨... 10000g (98 kms/sec²)=51 minutes ...↨... 50000g (490 kms/sec²)=10.2 minutes ...↨... 100000g (980 kms/sec²)=5.1 minutes ...↨... 1 million G (9800 kms/sec²)=30.6 seconds... ((typewrite: interstellar travel constant acceleration))

  4. ...3D Bioprinting-Immortality (biological timers)... Forever young with modified Biological Timers...which are the biological timers?, where are them? (genes, hypothalamus...), how functioning them?, how can modify them (telomerase...) for maintenance the hormone´s production, enzymes, cellular regeneration...all Eternity at same level of the 18 years old?... Have to accelerate Research about Memory and the Space´s Colonization... Immortality comes...


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