Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vignette about longevity

Oh Hear Ye, Hark to the 
Old Town Bells
Peal Like Sobs and Echos
Everyone Knows But
None Dare Tell
Only the Old Town Bells

Is it really obvious? Or is it only a rare minority who look at much of anything. The evidences have been in the public domain for decades. Some saw it, then incredulously recoiled. A handful tried to act. A few of these were successful, upon which they disappeared. 

Consider the evidences: 

1 - It is easy to take living brain tissue and transplant it from one human to another.
2 - An adult's neuron patterns are relatively few, but hard-wired in neat logical patterns.
3 - An infant's and a child's brain have vastly more circuits but most are unconnected.  They wait for imprinting of environmental engrams upon basic patterns - basic patterns wait to receive language, customs, motor actions by the cranial nerves. (note: a child will not, even cannot, pump a swing with his legs before a certain age.)
4 - Only a thin disc, perhaps with the extent of a silver dollar, is needed from a frontal lobe of an adults brain to maintain a personality.

Consider the rewards: 

1 - Surrogate mothers do, in this century, bear children for a fee. It is not simple, nor yet is it particularly difficult to probe an infants brain, an infant purchased from a surrogate mother.
2 - So who will "bell the cat?" who will say it? An aged modestly wealthy person can consider having a thin disc, like segments from his frontal lobes, transferred into a fresh young body. Imagine looking again through wide, healthy, child-like eyes, remembering a previous life, molding the pliable new brain with the "wise old" hard-wired disc of tissues.
3 - Who will talk? The animal surgery is quite easy. The grafts took easily without trouble. Only a minority of the animals were epileptic. Neurons from disc-transplants grew into the surrounding brain, the young brain's blood vessels grew into the discs to support them.

Now, have humans been worked upon? Who would tell. The price is enormous.  Imagine a 75 - 90 year old in 1985, given another eight decades of life - most of it young and healthy life.

What reporter or interviewer could gain such a story? Probably none.

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