Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Doc E Worksheets

Three scanned worksheet from Doc E's files. Just as they were. Hope you can enlarge and turn to read - M

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  1. Christopher Phoenix9/29/2013 09:42:00 PM

    Thank you for sharing these worksheets from Doctor Enzmann's files... it is very exciting to be able to see the very pages where he imagined and ran the numbers on interstellar ships!!

    The Enzmann slowboat design has always attracted my admiration for how it dealt with the huge fuel loads even the best rockets will need for star travel. Rather than fight the laws of physics, Dr. Enzmann attached the ship to a "flying iceberg" of frozen deuterium... an ingenious solution.

    I must admit that an 18-person crew seems pretty small for an interstellar journey... considering both social and genetic factors a much larger crew would be better (200+ based on studies on genetic diversity of isolated populations in Yoji Kondo's book "Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generational Spaceships", 2001). On the other hand, a small crew requires a smaller ship, and if other techniques for maintaining genetic diversity like using stored genetic material are used, perhaps a tiny starship like the Orion C would be a less expensive option for extrasolar colonization.


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