Spectacular Images

Trouble / Don Davis and R D Enzmann

On the Bridge
painted by Don Davis for Doc E

Blueprints for the Enzmann Starships
Pulse, Torch, Echo-Lance (Hyperon)
Torch (Orion C)

Echo Lance (Hyperon)

A Program for Space Flight 

Excerpt from Analog, October 1973, page 14 - 15
Written by G. Harry Stine

"A starship will be big. As we can conceive of it today with existing technology or with technology that is within our grasp, a starship might look like this, according to Dr. Robert D. Enzmann. The modular concept would be used throughout so that a damaged module could be “unplugged” from the starship of  modules, and could be “plugged into”  other starships. The basic unit is a life module 300 feet in diameter and 300 feet long. Three of them are coupled end to end. At the aft end of that starship are engineering modules and 12 to 24 Orion-type thermonuclear pulse propulsion units. The propellant for the Orions is stored in a “snowball” of frozen deuterium 1000 feet in diameter. Two Empire State Buildings are atop one another would be just a little taller than the starship is long. The starship will be assembled in orbit!"
(following Apollo 17 Launch)

On Deck / Don Davis and R D Enzmann
Two Stars / Don Davis and R D Enzmann


  1. The pulse drive Torch Ship intrigues me. The write-up in the magazines is a bit conflicting about the cruise speed. Harry Stine's 0.3c was much too high, but the other sources suggest 0.09-0.1c, though with a relatively slow acceleration time. One magazine said 60 years to Alpha Centauri, which is what I used to compute the acceleration/thrust for the JBIS paper Kelvin, Richard and I wrote about the Enzmann starship. We had no idea there was more than one design...

  2. Replies
    1. This is a fleet of Enzmann Starships turning on their homeward course. The star being pointed to is Sol.


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