Once Upon a Time to Be

Painted by Don Davis for Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
Welcome Aboard
by Jay R Snyder

Welcome aboard Enzmann Starship. Here you will find various works, notes, and interstellar aerospace systems engineered by Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann (Bob), and Joanna Enzmann. Realizing there is a vast resource here, and it is - as far as I see without exception - applicable, I have urged, cajoled, and persuaded that his set of personal notes be abbreviated, edited for readability, and published together with hers. For if I don't the notes will just linger in an attic, eventually crumbling into dust.

Through shelves and shelves of unpublished hand-written manuscripts comes detailed histories of astronomy, geology, and humanity - chronologies of Great Years past, and science for the destined next step. This web site is developed to bring Bob's starships to light, and outline the ultimate human endeavor - to move among the stars.

Yes, we now have the engineering and technology to build the ultimate machine, to build and operate the ultimate engine, powered by an unlimited fuel supply, to survey the stars in near-speed-of-light, no-time travel. Acceleration and deceleration is all we need to traverse any light-years distance we want, and that formula (if V=C, then t=ΓΈ, Lorentz) was provided to us over one hundred years ago. Pioneers are watching their lives pass before seeing the advantage they have provided realized. Therefore, our generations stand at the threshold of the next "small step for Man" enabled for our next "giant leap for Mankind."

 We stand in awesome wonder on the shore, and stare into the greatest ocean we have ever seen. Ancient symbols illustrate our history of it, we have built our temples as allegories to it, we have measured our time and world by it, and we have planned our survival around it. We have the maps and formulas to explore its heights, its widths, and its depths. We have an inherent ability to choose a direction, chart our course, and accomplish our goals.

So this is my question - starships now? With knowledge of our past comes the responsibility for our future, to build upon the advantage we've been given, following the example of our heritage of providence for constructive achievement, and strive to perfect our own "Once-Upon-A-Time-To-Be."

Consider this scenario: 

 The Echo Lance fleet has decelerated around the Sun after travelling near 300,000 KPS, and has been docked at L4, Galactic Central's moon-orbital arrival port. Events surrounding the arrival are broadcast worldwide 24 hours a day. The Lance fleet has journeyed only nine months, but sixty years have passed on Earth, as they prepare to guide mankind's first Wagon Train to the Stars.

The Fleet Admiral reports congratulations to the united effort of the European Union for taking a step towards the dream of mankind since the dawn of time - to live and move among the stars. The arrival of the Lance fleet signals their leap of faith.

For those who have been secluded at Centauri Colony high in the Colorado Plains, the hour is at hand. Each ship's crew and passengers have conditioned for ship atmospheres at one-half sea-level air pressure. Isolated for three years together, they prepared for their two year journey.  As most are of child-bearing age, each ship is capable of significant increases in population on route. Many already toddle about the staging facilities. They'll be only two years old at the end of their 200 year journey.

Each Colony Torch ship can carry 5,000 passengers, 1,250 each in four modular cylinders with eight habitat decks each. Each Mod is equipped with 3 glove-docked Aerospace Nuclear Planes ready for surface-to-orbit transportation. With a breadth of 25 ft., each ANP is 200 feet long with a wing span of 137 ft. Each deck will house 125 passengers, and 500 lbs. of personal effects. Three decks of each Mod will house schools, shops, hospitals, farms, and mini factories for each habitat.

All are watching as colonists leave Earth for their colony ships. Worldwide, families gather news and information about the lance fleet and departing colonists. Colonists - farmers, doctors, hydraulic engineers, electricians, bankers, manufacturers, and scholars - have worked hard preparing, and all generate a paramount human interest. The economy is in wealth due to the attention, and the research is prodigious. Change is the hammer on the anvil of time, and changes are coming. The world watches every detail in wonder. The next small step for mankind will be the Grand Departure

All aboard Wagon Train to the Stars!

Jay R. Snyder
Owner White Knight Studio Publishers

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