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About Robert Duncan-Enzmann

The Man: Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann
From the Enzmann Archives

These documents only cover part of the background of the designer of the Enzmann Starship. An authority in subjects from geology to physics, Duncan-Enzmann translated ice age inscriptions in between his technical achievements.  - Michelle Snyder, editor WKS

A 1960s Resume of Robert Duncan-Enzmann
From the Enzmann Archives

Enzmann, Robert Duncan; Raytheon MSD, Radar Lab. 274-7100 x 3449, boss: R. Cherwek; Current Secret Clearance, Active USN wartime WW II, Hon. Dis. Willing to relocate, family enjoys travel. 3rd child was born on Kwajalein Atoll. Worked abroad single status on 6 month to 2 year assignments did not see first son until age 1 1/2

USN electronic service schools; BA Harvard 1949; BSc Hon. London Standard 1951; MSc. South Africa, 1954; PhD Royal Inst Uppsala, Sweden (scholarship) with coursework at MIT (Natl. Science Fund full scholarship) 1957. Completed in less than four calendar years with GI Bill and scholarships usually while working full time. Fields directed toward geophysical, communications, and radar etc. detection, sensing and tracking systems. Instructor in a number of technical schools for various equipment and systems operation and maintenance, later organized such schools.

1965 to present Raytheon MSD: EM propagation, Clutter, terrain, weather, oceanic clutter estimates and simulations, Seeker-Tracker analysis in optical, infrared, and particularly radar and Target analyses, ground, sea, particularly aircraft and missiles, Test Procedures for specific locations and general areas – such as coastal plains Viet Nam mostly radar some infrared.

1962 – 1965 Avco Corporation effectiveness analyses of multisensory infrared-radar systems against ballistic missiles; analyses of ground signatures.

1960s – A series of courses at Northeastern on Radar Systems and Aerospace Weapons Systems.

1958 – 1962 RCA including BMEWS, APChE, FPS-16 TRADEX-PRESS, Polaris, tandem IBM 7090 radar control, etc. The work included installation, then:
rack and cabinet checkout and interfacing
Subsystem interfacing and checkout (on PERT schedule)
System interfacing and checkout
Checkout, automatic co & monitoring
Performance analysis, sell-off (on PERT-LOB schedule)
Pre-operations subcontract mission analysis
Operations and maintenance (on USAF schedule)
Last but not least, motivating personnel

1948-1958 various exploration firms and for armed forces including field work in Greenland ranging from Thule to the Ice Cap and Eastern Greenland; Central and South Africa; Labrador for radar Gap Filler, DEW-line, Pine Tree Line; Middle East; Asia; Mediterranean Basin. War was spent with GCA (ground control approach), ILS, MAD, etc. airport and aircraft carrier ground and airborne equipments.

Went to school in the British Colonial School in Peking China. They traded students to French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and German schools so they could learn the languages. School started at age four.

Robert Duncan-Enzmann published his translations of inscriptions from Gonnersdorf, Germany, 12,500 BC, 2013 White Knight Studio.


Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann, designer of the Enzmann Starship

physicist, scientist,  astronomer, geologist, archaeologist, historian, linguist, medical doctor

British Embassy School, Peking, China; Univ. London; WW II USN, AC; RN, AB Harvard; ScB Hon., London; Standard, MSc, Witwatersrand; Nat Sci Scholar; MIT course work; Royal Inst. Uppsala Swed.; PhD/MD Cuidad Juarez, Mex.; Pacific Radar: Greenland Gap-filler, Canada DEW-line; SAGE; Pacific PRESS; California ATLAS, BMEWS;  ICBM; Kwajalein Atoll ICBM intercept; TRADEX; Mars Voyager; Cryptography.

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