About Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann

Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann was born in Peking in the early 1900’s. His father, as an officer in Franz Josef’s army, escaped from prison in Siberia by walking to China; his mother was a Johns Hopkins graduate on the Peking Union Medical College staff. The British - “wanting the Enzmanns on their side in the next war” - educated the children. Duncan-Enzmann attended British Embassy School, which, from kindergarten on, exchanged students with French and German schools. He learned Chinese on the street and King’s English at the RAJ school.

Duncan-Enzmann worked in South Africa and spent some winters in Greenland. He studied under Dr. Backlund, who in czarist Russia mapped arctic Siberian coasts and, for Stalin, rented the Graff zeppelin in 1931 to make aerial photographs of the coastlines of Siberia. Duncan-Enzmann was taught by Sir Aurel Stein, Erik Norin, and gleaned knowledge from the Manfred Richtenhofen group, which had mapped central Asiaand China. He spent years on foot researching South West Africa, studying the Namib, Nama, Namaqua, and Skeleton Coasts. The following excerpts from his resume give further evidence of an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge:

British Embassy School, Peking, China; WW II USNAC; AB Harvard; ScB Hon., London; Standard, MSc, Witwatersrand; Nat Sci Scholar; MIT course work; Royal Inst. Uppsala Swed.; PhD/MD Cuidad Juarez, Mex.; Pacific Radar: Greenland Gap-filler, Canada DEW-line; SAGE; Pacific PRESS; California ATLAS, BMEWS; ICBM; Kwajalein Atoll ICBM intercept; TRADEX; Mars Voyager; Cryptography.

Dr. Duncan-Enzmann worked for decades translating circa 12,500 BC Magdalenian IV and V inscriptions from the Bølling warm interval; these Paleolithic records make it possible for us to delve further and more accurately into the historic and prehistoric roots of symbols. They can be seen at Ice Age Language and on Language of Once Upon a Time blog.

Decades of work translating Ice Age inscriptions have been compiled and edited by J Robert Snyder, and published by White Knight Studio. Available now at Amazon. 

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